Governance and creativity in higher education: recommendations for Lebanon

Takieddine Abir Riad

The author elaborates the concept of corporate governance and examines its implication on the higher education sector. She advocates that adopting appropriate corporate governance structures renders the environment of higher education institutions more creative-friendly thus advances knowledge economics and economic growth. She adopts a constructivism, interpretivism, and deductive approach and relies upon secondary qualitative data to produce a descriptive study. The author presents a theoretical framework to explain governance and its impact on creativity in higher education institutions. She then deduces a list of essentials to help higher education institutions become more creative-friendly. She finally examines the Lebanese higher education sector and offers some recommendations to make it more creative friendly.

Key words: Governance, Creativity, Economic Growth, Knowledge Economics, Quality Assurance, Globalization, Higher Education, Lebanon.

JEL-codes: A 22, B 52, E 02.

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