The journal «Russia and Asia» is intended for researchers of academic and industrial research institutes, representatives of the teaching staff, graduate students, undergraduates, students of economic and humanitarian faculties of higher school and leading research centers, as well as senior staff of foreign ministries and business organizations working with Asian countries.


The scientific publication «Russia and Asia» aims to publish original materials – articles and results of fundamental and applied research and development, reviews, interviews, reports on conferences, reviews with theoretical and (or) practical socio-economic orientation, advertising materials.

The major areas and subjects for presentation in the magazine:

  • economic problems of Russia and Asian countries;
  • global economy and international economic relations;
  • role of Russia and Asian States in the activities of international and regional organizations;
  • regional economic integration processes and regional blocs in Asia;
  • experience of historical economic development of Russia and Asia;
  • social and demographic processes and labour migration;
  • food problem in Asian developing countries;
  • «green economy» and environmental problems on the Asian continent;
  • smart cities, science, education;
  • Russia – Asia (economic, social and other relations of Russia with Asian countries)

We would like to give an opportunity to Express our point of view to scientists, postgraduates, doctoral students, entrepreneurs, politicians, diplomats on the actual problems of history, economy, integration, social and cultural processes, forecasts of development of the Russian Federation and Asian States, their economic cooperation in various fields.


  • Assistance to scientific research in the field of Oriental and African studies.
  • Publication of materials on the basis of theses, research and other fundamental research, as well as the results of scientific missions and field research.
  • Reviewing the most significant monographs, major Russian and international conferences and symposia on the journal’s topics.
  • Cooperation with Asian research Centre’s and Faculties of the Russian higher education institutions & universities.
  • Attraction of researchers and academic lecturers as journal authors.

We would like to gather around the magazine people who are ready to write and read about Asia, Russia, their interaction and work to improve this interaction and mutual understanding. Therefore, publications in the journal will be presented in Russian, English, Arabic and Chinese.


  • Prompt reaction to the events taking place in countries and in Russia.
  • Extending of topics and improvement of quality of materials to be published.
  • Strengthening and development of business, scientific and creative relations with the co-founder of the journal – Interregional Institute for territorial development, as well as with the centers of Arab and Asian studies of the Russian University of friendship and other research structures.
  • Publication of article abstracts in English in each issue.